Well on monday jason and i had a new friend over to watch a movie and hang out. His name is Kyle and he is a tech dork just like jason. Those two geeks were like “1001 1100 101001100″ hehe. HE was very nice and didn’t seem to be to iritated at jason talking over him. When jason talks about his geek stuff he gets a little excitable. We watched Duce bigalo, european gigalo” It was funny as fuck. Just one of those stupid movies that gets you giggling. Jason and i had a great time ahnging out and hopefully he did too.

Today, wednesday, i had another new friend come by and hang out. His name is Joey and he is super nice. He and i have a lot in common and so far we are getting along swimingly. We were supposed to play video games, but i took up all his time chatting about crap. It was fun and i enjoyed it a lot. He lives in visalia so now i have another person to visit when i go down.

Jason has swamped me with work so i have been spending a lot of time at the computer. It is mostly repetative crap so i have been on chatting. There are a lot of nice guys on there just looking to chat. It doesn’t really hurt that i am a big perv when i chat. I Like to have a fun time when i chat. dirty talk always makes me smile.. hehe.

Later gators

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