I was getting out of my car today and i steped on something unexpected. It was a brand new CD that i was actualy thinking about buying and not just downloading. You wanna know what the cd is don’t you. It is “Plans” by Death cab for cutie. Isn’t that so awsome? At this moment i am singing along to my new cd. “Where Soul Meeeeets Boooooaaaadyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”. Anyone who’s heard the song can just hear me singing that horribly. :-)

Other things in my neck of the woods. The house is all done. I’m not sure if i talked about this in the last post, and i’m not going to go and check. You get to hear it again bitches. So the house is done and now we are just trying to get everything together again. My office, the living room, the bedroom, and jasons office are a wreck.. hehe.. but we are slowly getting it together. I just finished every stitch of laundry in the house. YUP! All of it. I was doing the last load but ass naked. :-)

I’ve decided to stop spell checking my posts. It takes like 30 seconds that i just don’t have to waste. I’m sure that you will be able to figure out what i am talking about.

My mom called me and acted like nothing was wrong. She wanted to make sure that i was coming over for christmas. I want to punch her so bad. I’m only going to her house for christmas because everyone else is going to be there. I’m not really in the mood to just hang out with her. I have a bad feeling that christmas is not going to end well. Before the night is over i think i’ll be forced to tell her off. MERRY CHRISTMAS YALL!!

I’ve been spending a lot of time on the house and not much time on work. So i am just trying to spend more time on work and less on the house. I have a back log of crap that needs to be taken care of. Not to mention that this site has never really been finished. man i gotta get on the ball.

I am totaly having comic book withdrawls. I spent $40 this month on comics where i usualy spend upwards of $100. There are books that i WANT to read, but don’t NEED to read. ANd then there is this big thing happening at DC and it runs through like ALL of there books. The jerks. I did pick up one new book. It’s Captain Atom. He has moved from DC to Wildstorm. It’s pretty interesting because i have allways liked him. Now he has his own mini, and he is in a new universe… yeah.. dork stuff.. i’ll stop now. I’m totaly on auto write. I am typing everyhitng just as it comes into my head. It’s like your getting one of my mind rants that i have to listen to all the time. I sometimes wonder if other people think to themselves as much as i do. o.k.. done now.

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