First let me say that i do not encourage people to pirate music. It is WRONG, and ILLEGAL! That being said, i think everyone should go and download these two songs. “Play” by David Banner, and “Bring out the freak in you” by lil’ Rob. You remember when 2 live crew was “banned in America”? Well the songs they did have nothing on these. There is nothing better than a great R&B dance beat and disgustingly dirty lyrics. It’s beautiful.. it’s art. O.k.. not so much art as the sound track to a train wreck… i just can’t stop listening to these two freakin’ songs. Now, if you’ve heard these songs on the radio and are thinkin’ “these songs aren’t that bad” then your bitch ass needs to get pimp slapped for not taking my word for it. It just amazes me that these “Artists” will change every other word in a song so that it will get air time. Example: the chorus on “Play” is “Work that clit, cum girl” radio version “work them hips, run girl”. What the fuck. Where is she going to run to. IT DON’T MAKE SENSE STUPIT!!! Ain’t it great how i can say how i love these songs then talk all kinds of shit about them? I RULE!!

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R.J…. I love you! I love how real you are. And I agree about the music. Silly artists trying to make a living. Scarificing their “art” for money. I mean, yeah I get why they do it, but if they are so set on radio play why not make a song that doesn’t need editing and save those dirty filthy songs for the loyal fans who buy those albums.

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