This is like the worst thing ever. I am feverish all the time. I never stop sweating. My throat and ears HURT!! It is SO painful you wouldn’t believe. I can’t even eat noodles or soft foods yet. Just broth and water.. mostly water. The doctor has me on Tylenol/codeine for the pain. It seems like it is not working as well as it did in the beginning. The first couple days was like a cake walk. I was all cool and it didn’t hurt so much. I could deal. by the fourth day i was in hell.. Parents.. get this done for your kids when they are kids.

Let me start from the beginning. So i go into my surgery and i am all ready to go, everything is cool. I go to sleep then i wake up in PAIN. It hurts so bad, AND i just woke up from anaesthesia so i am kinda half there. That sucked real bad. I just remember Jason was holding my hand and all the nurses were standing around looking at me. I kept trying to tell them to put me back to sleep. I just guessed that they heard my please and did just that, put me back to sleep. Now this happened a few more times. I would wake up, it would hurt, i would go back to sleep. Next thing i know i am being taken to the hospital via ambulance, where i spent the night… that is what i remember.. here is what i was told happened.

Apparently i was given too much anaesthesia and i wouldn’t wake up. When i WAS waking up it was because they were giving me medication to wake me up. But the medication wasn’t waking me all the way. Only for a couple minutes at a time.. wait.. it gets better.. also i got fluid in my lungs.. uh yeah.. fluid in my lungs.. apparently it CAN happen when you have the tube thinggy breathing for you.. CAN happen, but SHOULDN’T happen… AND.. it seems that my blood was not holding oxygen. when i would breath on my own i was not getting any oxygen saturation in my blood. They had to keep me on 100% oxygen all night at the hospital.

Is it me, or is that just too many things that went wrong? Jasons mom said that i should sue. I really wouldn’t know where to begin, and i certainly don’t know if i even have a case. What i do know is that they screwed up quite a few things in a routine surgery. anyhow.. i don’t really have the strength to write anymore. I need to take my codeine and go to sleep. I had Jason take a really cute picture of me and i am going to put it in the pictures section.. hehe.. talk to you all later

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Hey RJ. Are you feeling any better now? Do you need anything?

nah.. i’m o.k.. i got my codine changed to vicaden. it is working a little better.

holy freaking hell.
i had no idea u were going through all this. im so sorry. feel better dammitt! i love you!

No Shit!! your arm could be fallinf off and you wouldn’t call to let people know

you big baby, you need a website to cry? just kidding, i went through this with roger last year. it was hell on the both of us. hope you are felling some what better and tell jason hi. it has been a long time. oh if mom knew i didn’t fuck with you a little for her she would be pissed.

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