O.k.. so i am about to go in for my tonsillectomy. I hate that they tell you how there is a very very slim chance that you could die.. ass holes. Now i just know i’m going to die. I know this is not a legally binding document but it is here so there is no disputing that i wrote it.. HA.. I ant Jason to keep whatever of my stuff that he wants. sorry bitches. he IS my man so he gets whatever. I want mary to have Christopher back, and all my CD’s… see deez nuts…. LOL.. I want Julie to have my tarot cards and all my mystical baubles. I want Jason to make sure that my mom gets whatever she wants of my junk. You don’t need it Jason.. just let her have it.. sheesh.. And above all!! I want “dead mans party” the 80’s song, played at my funeral.. I MEAN IT!!! and maybe “little earthquakes” too… I’ll write in a couple days and let everyone know how i am doing.. IF I’M ALIVE.. MWAHHH HA HA HA!!!

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