I have to take these steroids for my ears. It’s supposed to help bring down the swelling and MAYBE help them drain. Well this stuff is like freakin crack. I spent all day finishing the painting in the bathroom. All by myself. Damn crack. Now i feel like ass. I have a headache and i think a fever. BUT… my love for warcraft runs deep. I think i’ll play until i can’t stands no more. My head has a mild throb with every heart beat. When it gets to a pound then i will go to bed. :-) Oh!! We just watched “Boogieman”.. it was an o.k. movie but the ending sucked.. hard… there was even an alternate ending on the DVD.. Sucked too. I was telling Jason that it is quite a feet to get two crap endings in one movie.. hehe.. o.k.. weez out!!!

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