Well My Grandmother finally passed away on Friday. I don’t remember if i mentioned it but she had cancer. She was given 6 months about 10 months ago. I know that the last month or two were pretty hard on her. I’m sure she is glad to be done with it all. She always made the best of her hard life. She also always loved and tried to help her children. She leaves behind 3 children, 8 grandchildren, and 8 great grandchildren.
We found out about the cancer just before last Christmas i believe. So in the spirit of getting to know my grandmother a little better I gave her a journal for Christmas. I asked that she write in it anything she was thinking, anything she wanted me or anyone else to know after she was gone, or really just about anything at all. She filled up about one third of the journal before she passed away. It is amazing to me that she wrote in the journal up to two days before her death.
My favorite story in the journal was from when she was just a little girl. Her dad had just bought there property and they were building a house. While they built the house they had to sleep in tents on the property. Well one cold winter day they were all huddled in a tent around a pressure cooker. There mom was making a chicken in the cooker. If you don’t know a pressure cooker is a pot that you put your food in and a lid goes on air tight. There is a valve that measures the pressure inside and when there is too much pressure the valve releases and lets out the steam. Well you can guess that it could help keep you warm on a cold day. Well all the kids were huddled around the cooker keeping warm when the valve malfunctioned. Well the pressure built up so much that the lid EXPLODED off. The lid and the chicken ripped right through the tent, and flew into the air. Well the chicken landed square in there dads lap. This is the part where i thought “great, dinner is saved” Nope. i forgot that it was a cooking chicken. It was scalding hot. Well dad jumped up and tossed the chicken right out of his lap and onto the ground. it was silent for a few minutes. Everyone seemed to be in shock until dad started laughing. You know how it is when one person starts it. It was a laugh riot in the tent. Well the dogs and cats had a great dinner of chicken, and the family had eggs, bacon, and biscuits.
You have to realize that back in those days losing a chicken dinner was a big deal. When you don’t have much every little bit counts. But these were salt of the earth people who had there family and could weather anything. It just warms my hart to know that that is the stock i come from.
I know that you are somewhere in a nice hospital with a warm bottle and a warm mother holding you. I hope you get to be the one who is taken care of this go round. Lord knows that you did your fair share of taking care of people in your last life. You will be missed and you will always be remembered.

Lois Hensly 8-02-1936 to 8-05-2005

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I’m so sorry to hear about your Gramma Randy. I never had the opportunity to meet her but I’m sure I would have liked her a lot from the stories I’ve heard. She sounds like the real thing. You and your family will be in my thoughts.
I thought you were going to have surgery but instead they gave you crack?? Shame on ‘em! Julie’s doctor gave her steroids for her ears when she was three and it took Dale and I two days to find her and three days to peel her off the ceilings…. I do hope you get to feeling better real soon. Oh, and hope you won a bunch in Vegas. Take care. Lee Ann

Thanks for the kind words about my gradma leeann.

Yeah the ol’ surgery got postponed. .thank god for the crack.. hehe.. I can totaly see little julie clawed to the ceiling. LOL… i’m realy good at visualisation.. hehe

sorry to hear about your grandma. but dammit I love lee ann and kick ass stories.

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