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Feelin Like ass.. W.o.W.

Posted by admin on August 9th, 2005

I have to take these steroids for my ears. It’s supposed to help bring down the swelling and MAYBE help them drain. Well this stuff is like freakin crack. I spent all day finishing the painting in the bathroom. All by myself. Damn crack. Now i feel like ass. I have a headache and i […]

Goodbye to an old lady

Posted by admin on August 7th, 2005

Well My Grandmother finally passed away on Friday. I don’t remember if i mentioned it but she had cancer. She was given 6 months about 10 months ago. I know that the last month or two were pretty hard on her. I’m sure she is glad to be done with it […]

hey.. deez called for you :-)

Posted by admin on July 27th, 2005

Since i invited leeann to read my blog she has decided to harass me about putting up the rest of the site. Namely the pictures section. FINE!! GOSH!! As soon as i am well enough after my tonsillectomy (which is code for a boob job.. that’s right.. double deez for me to squeez) i will […]