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I can breath for the first time

Posted by admin on January 18th, 2006

Well on monday jason and i had a new friend over to watch a movie and hang out. His name is Kyle and he is a tech dork just like jason. Those two geeks were like “1001 1100 101001100″ hehe. HE was very nice and didn’t seem to be to iritated at jason talking over […]

These people aren’t your friends

Posted by admin on December 25th, 2005

I’m having an anxiety attack. It’s almost midnight christmas eve. I am supposed to go to my moms tomorrow for christmas festivitys. I’m still not ready to pretend that there’s glammer and candalabra when i’m drinking by candle light. I just know that i am going to end up going off on everyone and making […]

Different Names for the Same Thing

Posted by admin on December 19th, 2005

I was getting out of my car today and i steped on something unexpected. It was a brand new CD that i was actualy thinking about buying and not just downloading. You wanna know what the cd is don’t you. It is “Plans” by Death cab for cutie. Isn’t that so awsome? At this moment […]